Q: Why are there some items appearing several times?
A: 2 Reasons. 1) some items seem similar but have small differences
                    2) some items have been rereleased or part of different sets

Q: When did I start collecting?
A: About 12 years i bought the first items but seriously i started 8 years ago. 

Q: Do I sell items?
A: Only if i have at least 2 copies of it, unless it s limited and numbered

Q: Do I buy stuff?
A: If i don t have it and the price is reasonable and i m not currently out of money then most likely

Q: Do I look for anything special?
A: Rare and Promo Items. And lately I ve started to collect large signed posters/prints from good EVA cosplayers

Q: How to contact me?
A: Either by mail to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or add me on facebook 

Q: Can I see it in real live?
A: Sure, if you re accidently in Austria, i live near the capital. But drop me a message a few
    days earlier to check if i m at home.