Update 20.03.2013

Added sections BluRay, CD, DVD in Media and added a couple of Figures

Update 17.03.2013

Added game und UCC category and added couple of figure pics

During the next week i ll rename some descriptions and might move
some pics to other/new categories



As the process of redoing and editing all pictures of all items of my collection
is taking slightly longer than hoped for, I ve decided to open the site to the
public before I m finished.

So far I ve added mostly Figure and Trading Arts pictures. There are many
more other catagories to be added over the next weeks and months.

So what you see now online, is just a part of the collection.

Also if you have technical problems with the site please send me a message.
It s the first time that i ve set up a gallery system on one of my websites
so I m not sure if all s configured correctly.