Site Info

This site is dedicated to my private Neon Genesis Evangelion collection.
Several people encouraged me to make it public, cause it would be a
waste to hide it from the world.

I ve already posted a lot on my facebook site, but the picture quality
is not good and also latest changes in facebook policies I ve decided
to create my own website.

The idea of the site is to
 - find other EVA collectors to exchange ideas, news, information, sources
 - find missing stuff
 - help myself during shopping, as i tend to forget what i already have :)

If you re also EVA collector, or if you have some interesting items for a
decent price feel free to contact me anytime.

by mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or on my facebook site

It s also possible to visit here, if you re passing by Austria. It s nearby the
capital of Vienna.

I m also searching for a place to create a real public museum, but the lack
of proper space and high rents will postpone this project for a while.